“Could You Accelerate Improvements in
Your Business by Developing Your
Leadership Style?”

In a world where a company's value is largely determined by the quality of its people, the answer is almost certainly yes…

So why is it still so common to find organisations that haven't sought to benefit from developing their leadership style in order to transform results? After all, the research is clear: if you are a business leader, your attitude and approach to the people around you will have a profound impact on everything from levels of sickness to bottom line profitability (Daniel Goleman, the author of several highly regarded books on emotional intelligence and leadership, estimates that the impact of a leader's actions on how people feel about their work is enough to account for 10-20% of business performance).

There's no getting away from the fact that leadership can be both the difference maker and the deal breaker. It is a prime determinant of the level of performance that a business will reach. In particular, it:

  • Underpins practically every aspect of organisational growth – especially elements relating to people.
  • Is the only means by which an organisation or individual can create anything new.
  • Is probably the single most important factor affecting employee engagement, and thereby productivity.
  • Can positively impact people to deliver their best – and has absolutely nothing to do with title.

I suspect that the primary reason why the leadership style of so many organisations is such a missed opportunity is that learning about leadership is the easy part. But there is no value in any idea just because we can talk about it. We must turn it into action. It must be internalised and implemented through the development of our own unique and effective approach to leading others.

About Leadership Style Coach Michael Nicholas

Hi, I'm Michael Nicholas, and I’ve seen many times how leadership can enable greater personal success and be the catalyst that propels organisations to achieve higher performance. Since graduating from Durham University over 25 years ago and qualifying as a Chartered Engineer I've been an officer in the military, have held several senior level corporate positions and, almost 7 years ago, set up a leadership coaching and training business which has given me the opportunity to work with leaders in businesses ranging from medium sized family concerns to some of the UK’s largest companies. Read more…

All of this adds up to a powerful combination of hands-on experience and real-world, profit-orientated, business know-how. I’ve had to learn how to produce results in some totally uncompromising situations and have a proven track record of helping other people to achieve the same thing (as you can see from my testimonials).

My particular areas of expertise are in helping people to develop their own unique leadership stye, maximising their personal strenghts, and the softer aspects of business decision making which are often referred to as professional judgement. I'm passionate about helping you to realise dramatic improvements in your results by unlocking more of your true capabilities. That's why I left regular employment, founded a coaching business and wrote my books, Being The Effective Leader, and The Effective Leadership Guide.

So, If You Want Improved Leadership Results You’re in the Right Place

If the idea of focusing on leadership as one of the most cost effective ways to improve your business resonates with you, you are probably the type of client that I serve. By following my proven principles, I can help you to discover the fast track to greater profitability.

"It is extraordinary to think you can be excellent at something without a coach."
Richard Baker, former chief executive of Alliance Boots.

Becoming signficantly good at anything is extremely difficult without the help of a coach or mentor. I work closely in partnership with my clients, adopting an approach which is tailored to best suit their individual needs but always helping them to:

  • See themselves in ways which are currently outside their awareness – perhaps recognising how their communications or influencing skills could be improved or how their own behaviours may at times not be helpful in resolving conflict.
  • Take advantage of the latest and best methods for developing people.
  • Devise ways of stretching themselves to learn and grow in the course of their normal daily activities. It is not possible to make progress from within the comfort zone, so locating the sweet spot just beyond the edge of their current abilities is vital for anyone wishing to make rapid progress – and it requires expertise to be done effectively!
  • Maximise the benefits of feedback. Unless you are able to recognise the effects of your actions it will be almost impossible for you to get better.
  • Stay focused on the changes that they need to make even when the going gets tough. In business there are often huge (unintended) incentives to stick with what’s safe and reliable, so the value of accountability cannot be underestimated.

Your First Easy Step...

I hope that while you are here you will take advantage of the opportunity to download a FREE pdf of my book, The Effective Leadership Guide: 31 Proven Lessons to Increase Personal Effectiveness and Leave Your Competition Standing. This is a high quality, 130-page product that is also available in printed format and which retails for £10. It includes many of the most powerful leadership success principles that I know and is designed specifically to help you improve your company or team results. Just enter your details in the form at the top of this page.

You might also like to sign up for my newsletter, "Leadership Zest." As a bonus I'll also give you another free report, "The Seven Biggest Leadership Mistakes."

I hope that one day I’ll get to meet you in person and that you'll let me know about your successes.

Best wishes,

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Your unique, refreshing and often challenging approach to coaching - you never give me the answer but always steer me to find it myself – has equipped me superbly to meet the many and varied challenges inherent in my role. I now have a set of tools and greater understanding which can easily be applied to both my business and personal life virtually every day of the week.

Richard Millman

Chief Executive Officer

Leisure Connection

Michael has had a truly transformative and immediate impact on how I perform as a leader in the workplace. This has not only helped me focus on how I can maximise my potential as a leader, but also helped me make improvements in every aspect of my life. His coaching has served as an inspiration for me.

Kevin Barrett

Director of Strategy

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd

From the moment Michael walks onto a stage you know that as a corporate presenter and educator he is at the top of his game. Thanks to him my results have amplified considerably and far exceeded my expectations.

Martin Vidakovic


Lifetime Achievements, Australia