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The Effective Leadership Guide

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In every business, leadership quality has a profound impact on growth and profitability. Yet exceptional leaders are not born that way - they must learn their skills along the way.

Whether you have your own business or head a company, division or team, this book will help you to develop the essential qualities to maximise your success. Read more...

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Corporate Culture – The Driving Force of Your Business

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This report explains in detail why the ability to change corporate culture is both critical to success and very difficult to achieve. It describes the key challenges that undermine many change efforts and how they can be overcome.

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The Transition Factor: Why New Hires Frequently Fail and How to Protect Your Investment in Them

Report CoverAmong the numerous books and courses on leadership that exist, very few cover the very specific challenges of transition, or onboarding. This report examines the reasons why enhancing your recruitment process will never deliver 100% successful transitions. It also lists the factors that must be addressed if success levels are to be raised.

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To simply say thank you doesn't seem enough. Your support and guidance over the last 3 years has had a huge impact on me. You have shown me how to grow, understand myself and helped me develop the ability to understand others. You have shown me how to be a better me which has transformed both me as a leader and my personal life. You are and remain an inspiration.

Lynne Mills

Customer Operations Director

Genesis Communications Ltd

One of the key learnings for me has been around the support you have given me as a "new boy". Whilst I have been coached before, the focus you were able to put on the first few weeks and days really helped me understand the people, culture and what's expected.

Jonathan Hewett

Group Financial Services Director

DSGI plc

Michael, thank you for the speed with which our work together helped me. As a direct result I began to experience benefits after only a couple of sessions, and these improvements have continued to gain momentum over time.

Michelle Burton

Head of Reward and People Systems

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd