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I have a message which will get right to the heart of the drivers of performance in your organisation. It is one of empowerment and personal responsibility, of unlocking creativity and increasing fulfilment at work – all delivered in a unique, engaging, and inspiring style.

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If there was ever, in my seven and a half years of experience with the Academy, a workshop or a speech that hit the nail on the head of self-actualisation, it was today. I found Michael's talk absolutely inspiring. I found the take-away value enormous and I found the content brilliant, the involvement excellent and the inspiration wonderful.

Joe Adams


Academy for Chief Executives Group 11


A Recent Example: Leadership - The Key to Effective Change

For a sample of my work please click the play button below. You'll hear the introductory section of a live presentation that I gave recently to a group of business leaders.

The subject of the presentation is the vital role that leadership plays in business success: what makes it different to management (which is still widely misunderstood), why there is really no other way to gain the full commitment of your staff, and how it is the key enabler to taking advantage of change.

This is the introductory 7min 47sec segment of the presentation. If you like it the full version is also available free of charge, downloadable in mp3 format. I hope that you find it valuable and thought provoking.

Please click the play button now:

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True Competitive Advantage

My philosophy is simple: that leadership is the foundation for the success of an organisation. Leadership is not just a word to describe the people at the top. It is potentially a strategic competitive advantage because of its unique ability to shape culture and embrace change.

I deliver critical insights into what creates a really effective leader and bring them to my audiences in a way that is immediately relevant. For over 20 years I haves studied, practiced and taught what makes the most successful leaders different and I know how to accelerate personal and organisational breakthroughs.

Guaranteed to inspire you or your organisation to shift gears to new levels of performance, both personally and professionally, I share practical, proven ideas and tools to:

  • Help you establish a leadership culture.
  • Meet challenges and overcome obstacles.
  • Adapt to change, increase creativity and accelerate progress towards your goals.
  • Shift attitudes, such as the crippling “I know that,” to “what can I learn here?”
  • Achieve much greater personal fulfilment.
  • And much more...

These are presentations for people and companies who recognise the possibility that developing themselves and other people has to create competitive advantage and stimulate business growth.


Why Will Your Experience with Michael be Special?

Because I'm committed to being genuine, sincere, authentic, and connected to people – in a word, I strive to be "real". This is something that people feel at a deep level, beyond intellectualisation.

At the same time my ideas are big, challenging, and deeply relevant, causing people to reconsider the way they have perceived the world around them to date. They move the audience to change the way they think and how they seek to behave.

I also strive to make everything fascinating and fun, taking events far beyond the old service culture, where presentations were “done to” an audience; instead seeking to deliver an unforgettable, entertaining experience “with” a group of true participants. It’s about engaging people emotionally as well as intellectually. This helps to create the conditions necessary to ensure that sustainable changes in behaviour and lasting results are achieved.

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From the moment Michael walks onto a stage you know that as a corporate presenter and educator he is at the top of his game. Thanks to him my results have amplified considerably and far exceeded my expectations.

Martin Vidakovic


Lifetime Achievements, Australia

Michael is an excellent platform speaker, teacher, and mentor. He has the ability to bring complex ideas across to his audience with coherence, pragmatism and immediate application. I strongly recommend him for developing and delivering instructional programs, executive coaching and professional speaking.

Alexandria Hilton


EUROUS Global Executive Development