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I know, there’s lots of information out there exploring every imaginable angle of leadership and management theory and practice. So what is it that makes the solutions that I offer through my products and services different?

Let me answer that through a couple of questions...

Have you ever noticed that everyone already knows how to do better? In fact, more than that, I’ve even found that many people in business already know enough to create the extraordinary results that they desire.

Perhaps you’re questioning these statements because you are not sure whether they apply to you, or you can think of others who are clear exceptions? If so, I’d like to ask you this question: “Have you ever attended a training course, been given information, tools or techniques that you immediately knew would benefit you if implemented, then failed to put them into practice?”

Research indicates that over 90% of people do nothing with information learnt on courses – and I’m sure everyone leaves un-actioned at least some of the valuable opportunities to advance that they pick up during training. There are many reasons why this happens, and I won’t go into them now. The important point to note is that it this happening – and it is almost certainly limiting you and everyone else you know!

A Well-Kept Secret…

This means that the real issue for most people in improving their results is not lack of knowledge… but simply that they don’t do what they know! I believe that this “knowing-doing gap” is the single biggest barrier to most people’s success – and it's a purely internal challenge that must be addressed to fully unlock anyone’s potential.

Unfortunately, people are generally left scratching their heads when asked to explain why they do not take action on things that they already know. The answer is simply outside their awareness – as it is for most of the people running the training courses they attend. Yet if this issue is not addressed, every time there is an opportunity to learn it is unlikely that real progress will be made.

Solutions that Work

And that is where my solutions differ. Helping people to overcome the reasons why it is so hard for us to put into practice what we know forms a part of everything I do: from the approach that I recommend to get the most out of reading The Effective Leadership Guide to the content and structure of my online and off-line courses.

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