“Meet Just a Few of the People whose Results have Improved with Help from Michael Nicholas”


Michael has been my coach for only 5 months, but in that time, and I do not use these words lightly, he has had a truly transformative and immediate impact on how I perform as a leader in the workplace.

Michael has in abundance the standard skills of a professional coach, such as being able to listen actively, ask great questions and challenge constructively. But he brings so much more. He has a compelling and coherent view as to how all of us can unlock our potential. Through each session, he communicates this view intelligently and persuasively. Most importantly, he has defined a set of tasks for me to practice between sessions which has contributed significantly to me making a rapid step-change in my ability to lead within my organisation.

As a result of our sessions together, Michael has given me a much better understanding of myself. This has not only helped me focus on how I can maximise my potential as a leader, but also helped me make improvements in every aspect of my life. His coaching has served as an inspiration for me.

Kevin Barrett

Director of Strategy

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd

The Academy for Chief Executives stands for a lot of different things. It stands for personal growth, it stands for corporate growth, it stands for experiential learning, but to me is stands for self-awareness and self-actualisation. If there was ever, in my seven and a half years of experience with the Academy, a workshop or a speech that hit the nail on the head of self-actualisation, it was today. I found Michael's talk absolutely inspiring. I found the take-away value enormous and I found the content brilliant, the involvement excellent and the inspiration wonderful.

Joe Adams


Academy for Chief Executives Group 11

I have had the good fortune of working with Michael over the last 18 months and I welcome this opportunity to personally endorse his coaching both in terms of style and content. Michael has raised my personal awareness to a level where I now have enough knowledge to prepare appropriately for interactions with others and enough insight to anticipate how the interaction might progress. This has directly impacted a core leadership skill – my ability to influence others.

Through a series of regular carefully constructed conversations with Michael, I have been taken on a path of self discovery that has enabled me to see the world (and all those in it) through a lens that has been cleared of personal bias and prejudice. While there can be no doubt this is work in progress and that there will always be more to be done at a personal level, I will be eternally grateful to Michael for providing me with so many tools and insights. They have helped me be so much happier in my life, and at the same time improved the quality of life of those around me, both professionally and personally.

Heightened personal awareness is a gift that automatically leads to higher performance. If you would like more of it, Michael can help you develop it.

Julie Harding

Head of HR

HSBC – UK Banking

Michael, I would like to thank you most sincerely for the invaluable contribution your coaching has made to my performance over the last 3 years and five months (yes it is that long!). Your unique, refreshing and often challenging approach to coaching - you never give me the answer but always steer me to find it myself – has equipped me superbly to meet the many and varied challenges inherent in my role. I now have a set of tools and greater understanding which can easily be applied to both my business and personal life virtually every day of the week.

Through working with you I have reached a much higher level of awareness of my behaviours and how they impact other people, and consequently have become much more effective in my dealings with them. I also have much better command of my emotions, improving my general sense of well-being and enabling me to respond much more flexibly to challenging situations as they arise. The power of personal goal setting and the review of performance against them has been invaluable.

These tools deployed in my professional life have enabled me to achieve higher levels of productivity from myself and those around me and have contributed to greater levels of success in my career. I would not be where I am today or the person I am today without your coaching.

Finally, the rather unexpected advice that you have given me in relation to achieving a healthier lifestyle has also had very positive results - how else would I have completed a half marathon and a multitude of other events.

Richard Millman

Chief Executive Officer

Leisure Connection

I started working with Michael at a pivotal point in my career. I was just starting a new role, as a Managing Director, and was facing many uncertainties and challenges. We quickly established a number of specific goals to improve aspects of the way that I was interacting with other people and of my decision making processes.

The results of the coaching have been a revelation to me, particularly because the biggest benefit I've experienced wasn't anything I set out to get – in fact, I hadn't even thought about it! In just a few months working with Michael I found that I was becoming more comfortable with myself, with my self-esteem and self-confidence growing rapidly.

At the same time, all my original goals were achieved much more comprehensively than I was able to comprehend when I set them. I now have the ability to bring a much deeper understanding and broader perspective to the situations that I face.

Working with Michael has been a great experience. He always achieved the difficult task of maintaining a clear focus and direction to our sessions – with previous coaches I have often wondered where we were going. Michael works differently, balancing questioning with his own direct input and then using simple models to explain his thinking. He also gave me the uncanny feeling that he often knew what I was thinking – and this in turn helped me to delve deeper, getting to the core of whatever issue we were discussing. I strongly recommend Michael's coaching to anyone who wants a coach who can help them to achieve new levels of performance and personal ease.

Overall, through this coaching I've developed a strong sense of possibility and belief in myself. At a personal level I'm happier and more at peace. Challenging situations don't create the personal discomfort that they used to and I have greater self-confidence to deal with them. As a result I'm handling problems better than ever before. I’m more effective at work, am getting greater enjoyment from what I'm doing and have a much better relationship with my line manager. I have no doubt that I will have a more successful career as a result.

Chris Green

Managing Director

Arcus FM

Every so often something or someone comes along which challenges your thinking and makes you approach life in a different way. Michael is one of those people. His thoughts, ideas, stories, experience, and especially his use of powerful questions, gave me more than I ever expected and improved my performance more than I could have imagined.

My personal goals are not only bigger than they were, they also feel more achievable. In addition, the assistance that he gave me following a major promotion was enormously beneficial in ensuring that I was able to quickly face my new challenges, had an extremely successful first year in the role, and as a result was promoted again only 18 months later.

Martin Jones

Head of Region, South London & Southern Counties

Marks and Spencer

Michael has been my coach over the last 2 years during which time I have made the greatest personal shift of my career in terms of self awareness. This has enabled me to be significantly more effective both professionally and personally and to feel for the first time really clear about my goals and aspirations.

Through my work I have recommended him to others who have all without exception been delighted by the difference they have been able to make with his help. He will challenge your thinking, stretch your sense of possibility, help you to lead yourself through your own pain barriers and enable you to be a better you…

Sue Round

Head of Learning and Development

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd

Michael Nicholas is an excellent platform speaker, teacher, and mentor. His pedigree as a senior leadership coach and consultant was evident when receiving his services on the phone and in person. He has the ability to bring complex ideas across to his audience with coherence, pragmatism and immediate application. Michael is exceptional in his professional demeanour while also being warm and personal. Whether Michael is addressing groups of thirty or two hundred, he offers the highest standards of preparation, polish and passion for the material he is presenting.

Repeatedly Michael exceeds expectations in his one to one instruction of executives, his mentorship of peers and his contribution to an extensive curriculum or program geared to a cross-cultural, international audience. As one who has received his services and who also has expertise in the industry of Global Executive Development, I strongly recommend him for developing and delivering instructional programs, executive coaching and professional speaking.

Alexandria Hilton


EUROUS Global Executive Development

I started working with Michael in 2006 after being very motivated by a presentation he gave on leadership. I have benefitted hugely from this work, both in terms of coping with difficult business situations as well as in my personal life. My development has been brought about by increasing awareness of techniques and beliefs with which I was unfamiliar, but which are now are a cornerstone of my work and life.

Like a lot of owner/managers I had the drive to grow my business but in order to take it to the next level it was crucial that I found out how to improve the balance in my life whilst still leading my company to success. This required a better understanding of where I was, where I wanted to go and how I was going to get there. Michael was able to help me to gain clarity in all of these areas.

Michael's style is to allow you to develop and grow through ensuring that you understand and use the principles of his teachings – not to point out the solutions for you. I found this worked for me and has meant that I felt the benefit of our coaching quickly and deeply, and the benefits have lasted.

My business went through some very challenging times in 2007 and I am not sure how or if I would have coped without the combination of Michael’s support and my new skills developed over the time that we worked together.

I now know the power of Michael's style of coaching and the ongoing benefits of developing a higher level of emotional intelligence, which lead directly to the confidence to be more successful in business as well as a happier life.

Neil Ouzman

Managing Director

OzMO Entertainment Ltd

I met Michael in 2004. At that time I was working as the UK Ambassador and Lead Councillor for Mr. Anthony Robbins and his worldwide charity called The Anthony Robbins Foundation. From the moment Michael and I started talking I could clearly see that he would be someone that would be a support for the Anthony Robbins Foundation. But that didn’t happen. What actually happened was we were truly blessed with one of our most helpful, honest, trusted individuals that we have ever had the opportunity to work with. The reason for this is because Michael comes from his heart.

Every decision that Michael made on behalf of the teenagers that we accepted into the Anthony Robbins Foundation’s Youth Leadership Programme was always dedicated and genuine. I, along with a further 8 youth councillors, witnessed his no nonsense, can do attitude in action. When Michael speaks, people listen. He has a strong and unique ability to hold people’s attention and gave our students (aged 12 to 18) new distinctions and life skills on how to break through the old negative stuff they had about themselves. He created a safe and trusted space for these young people to transform their beliefs and consistently hold themselves to a higher standard.

I highly recommend Michael Nicholas, because he is a committed and extraordinary man.

Nicky Pool

Former UK Ambassador and Lead Councillor

The Anthony Robbins Foundation

Michael has supported me as both my business and life coach for over a year. Before working with Michael it is probably fair to say I was very self critical and had managed my career to ensure I was always in a comfort zone where I could under promise and over deliver to ensure performance.

A major breakthrough, achieved by Michael's expert questioning and leadership in one of our sessions, was getting me to identify my own addiction to recognition. Since this day, I have been able to free myself gradually from the influence of what others think, building an inner confidence in my own abilities.

The results of Michael's work have made a huge difference to my life and career. The confidence and self belief I now have in my day to day work has enabled be to secure promotion within my first year working for a FTSE 100. Michael has opened my eyes to my true potential, giving me a whole new life model whereby I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to, and have the confidence to connect with and deliver what I believe in.

I found Michael really easy to work with. His approach is practical and grounded, and his passion and belief in his approach is addictive. It's also very powerful to work with someone who practices exactly what they preach and can demonstrate the success and happiness that they have achieved. Michael's influence has become intrinsic to my work and home life and I find myself applying the insights that he has guided me to on a daily basis.

Matt Birch

Director of Property Assets and Estates

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

To simply say thank you doesn't seem enough. Your support and guidance over the last 3 years has had a huge impact on me. You have shown me how to grow, understand myself and helped me develop the ability to understand others. You have shown me how to be a better me which has transformed both me as a leader and my personal life. You are and remain an inspiration.

Lynne Mills

Customer Operations Director

Genesis Communications Ltd

I would like to thank you for the leadership, support, direction and standards you have inspired in regard to becoming and being a coach. The value of your teaching has provided significant insight as to the levels of expertise that can be achieved within Coaching and then beyond that. Thank you for your inspiration and contribution to our lives.

Mary Staples


Maximum Stretch, New Zealand

Michael, Just a short note to thank you for your support during my first few months at DSGI plc. As we discussed, joining a FTSE 100 in a senior role is a challenging undertaking. As you highlighted, what has worked before in other organisations, might not work in a new environment! Five months in I think I'm on course for making the transition and starting to add significant value.

One of the key learnings for me has been around the support you have given me as a "new boy". Whilst I have been coached before, the focus you were able to put on the first few weeks and days really helped me understand the people, culture and what's expected and made me think about the relationships I needed to build and what I needed to do by when. I know from past experience that the fabled 100 day plan can be the start of an early demise if deep understanding of the organisation hasn't been achieved and solid foundations and relationships laid.

I also appreciate your insightful challenges...whilst often hard to answer they have got me thinking and into some personal space where I think I can develop and improve.

So, thank you once again for helping me make the transition, I'm really enjoying myself and I look forward to working together again soon!

Jonathan Hewett

Group Financial Services Director

DSGI plc

In just one coaching session Michael has guided me to make some amazing breakthroughs. Not only do I have clear actions which I know will transform my business but I also feel so much more confident about my own ability to create what I want.

If you wish to build a powerful foundation so you can be successful in your job, I would recommend Michael every time.

Jane Bromley

Chief Executive

Strategenic Ltd

My work with Michael catalysed a life-changing career choice. I was a senior manager in a leading retail business, happy enough with what I was doing, yet overwhelmed and demotivated by the sense that my career had peaked. As a result I was failing to build on my previous successes and found myself treading water.

I came to the coaching process with a misguided assumption that it is about changing something within the individual. In fact, I think it is about us recognising something in ourselves that has been obscured or buried through half choices and the impact of events. Michael facilitated this brilliantly, creating a context within which I could challenge some of the assumptions and patterns that had developed in me.

Just a few meetings with Michael opened out a fresh perspective on my future. First they led me to recognise that the choices that I was making were not serving me. Most importantly, they then helped me to identify and adopt some much more empowering and successful approaches.

Following Michael’s coaching I rapidly regained my drive and reenergised my relationships, allowing me to make a career change in mutually agreeable and beneficial circumstances. As a result, in July 2007 I set up my own business, a PR and reputation consultancy and have since created a talented team. In our first year we established an excellent client base and were shortlisted in the outstanding small consultancy of the year category in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations awards.

I think I now have the balance right in my life. I have a better relationship with my family, friends, colleagues and clients and a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment. I attribute much of my ability to make this transformation so successfully to my work with Michael and give him my wholehearted recommendation.

Hamish Thompson

Managing Director

Twelve Thirty Eight

Michael is a great coach, not only in coaching individuals and companies, but he is gifted with the talent of helping other coaches perform at a much higher level themselves. As a result they become more effective in coaching other people.

Personally, Michael has taught me a lot about coaching and being effective in my listening skills. He is patient and helped me understand, especially since English is not my native language, which meant a great deal to me and a lot of my colleagues from all over the world.

As a person Michael is always friendly and always willing to help or listen to the things you are dealing with. To me he is a great example, both of what being a coach really means and through his performance which is at a high professional level.

Michael, I’m grateful for having got to know you and for everything you’ve taught me. I also need to thank you from all the people I have been able to help understand themselves better enabling them move to higher levels of performance. They don’t know you, but they have benefitted because of you.

Petra van der Veen


The WE Company, The Netherlands

As a coach Michael has helped me reframe the purpose of my life, set goals in areas of my life that were lacking and over the last nearly four years that we have been working together I have been able to tick each goal off. I now know, through Michael's ideas, suggestions and coaching, how to pull myself out of a negative situation and recreate it to help me positively step into the future. What a gift.

Camilla Aitchison

Head of Business Relations

HSBC Bank Europe

Dear Michael, I'm writing to acknowledge your invaluable assistance when you were coaching me.

As the owner of a small company it is very easy to become lost in the daily detail of running the business, and it can be hard to find high quality advice. Consequently, when we started I had little direction in terms of my goals, my marketing activities were highly unstructured, and I had no effective processes to simplify and streamline our regular activities. I was also doing little to ensure that my team were well motivated.

With the added focus and direction that I gained from our discussions I was able to address all of these issues very quickly, with almost immediate benefits to the business.

I greatly appreciated the clarity and focus that I gained from our calls, through which you helped me a great deal.

Chris Ball

Managing Director

SMT Network Solutions Ltd

Michael, thank you for the speed with which our work together helped me. It enabled me to understand both the barriers that were preventing me from developing optimum relationships and the extent to which my own pre-conceptions were preventing me from embracing new and different experiences. Your ability to coach me to higher levels of conscious awareness of the behaviours that were holding me back, their causes and their resulting impacts on others, made it easy for me to adapt such behaviours to better serve me. As a direct result of our work I began to experience benefits after only a couple of sessions together, and these improvements have continued to gain momentum over time.

The rewards are evident in both my professional and personal life. I am able to develop more meaningful and mutually trusting relationships with others and to express greater confidence. I have also found that I am enjoying new experiences much more fully and that I have become better able to deliver my goals. Most importantly for my employer, my impact and influence within my peer group has improved significantly.

I can no longer imagine being in a situation where I don’t find myself asking the question, “How well is my current behaviour serving me?” – a real testament to the power of the journey I have travelled with your support.

Michelle Burton

Head of Reward and People Systems

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd

From the moment Michael walks onto a stage you know that as a corporate presenter and educator he is at the top of his game. Delighting audiences with his witty charm and insightful content he will challenge the way you think and provide strategies that are beneficial to companies and individuals alike. Thanks to Michael my results have amplified considerably and far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Michael.

Martin Vidakovic


Lifetime Achievements, Australia

Before my coaching with Michael I used to move from one aspiration to the next. Whilst I felt that I was generally happy, at the time I did not see that I was not enjoying the journey or truly appreciating what I had.

The most tangible sign of my rapid progress since my coaching started has come from my colleagues, several of whom have noticed the affect it has had on me. In particular, a very senior colleague made many references to how much I have grown before he knew I was having coaching, and he continues to do so now. Even my in laws have commented several times and they think I am a different person!

Overall, I would say that the awareness, resilience, problem solving capability and improved interpersonal skills that I have gained through Michael’s challenging yet highly professional approach have transformed my life. As a direct result of our work together I feel much more confident, consistently deliver higher quality work, get on better with other people, have clearer goals and, most importantly, I am enjoying the journey.

Jonathan Brennand

Head of Procurement

Peel Airports Limited

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